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Mon Oct 20 14:33:47 CDT 2008

all other arguments aside, one thing to keep in mind is that nvidia
has had a massive problem with numerous versions of their chipsets (i
don't recall the specifics but it went across a large percentage of
their product over the last few months).  theregister.co.uk had some
articles on it and you can do a google for "nvidia defective chipsets"
for larger coverage.  i have yet to see anything indicating they have
actually fixed the problem (though one would think they have by now)
but whether they have or not, as far as i know they are not doing a
recall, leaving the recalls up to the various resellers (dell, hp,
etc.) who are not recalling, either.  the implication is that once the
fixed replacements are out in the market there will be no way of
determining which nvidia you run across will be good or defective.

i also don't know if the only problems were on the motherboard
chipsets or if it also infected the separate graphics cards.

hopefully someone can clarify, but this is something to remain aware
of until these defective chips are no longer available.

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> It's better to have an nvidia or an ati graphiccark.

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