tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Mon Oct 20 17:50:14 CDT 2008

mrxgerman wrote:
> It's better to have an nvidia or an ati graphiccark.

We have always used Nvidia but are not planning to continue for our next 
round of card upgrades. Assuming good progress on Linux drivers we will 
be switching to ATI, partly because we have always had fantastic luck 
with AMD products and it seems they are making the ATI name meet their 
standards.. Nvidia is having chipset problems and too much of what I 
have read comes across as them knowing about the problems but selling 
the products anyway. That is not the type of business practice I wish to 
encourage with my money. ATI's new cards are looking very good and from 
what I can tell there should be stable Linux drivers available by the 
time I upgrade, so unless that changes I will go ATI.

If you need a new card for use in Linux right now you might want to 
research the bug reports for the cards and pick what is in your price 
range that looks good, chances are high it will be Nvidia. If you are 
holding off on the purchase for a while the Nvidia/ATI driver gap may 
have closed enough for you to choose based on which card best meets your 
needs overall.

To be fair the Nvidia cards we have currently in use are from the 7000 
series and all work fine, no Linux glitches, no driver hassles, no bad 
chips. We tried one from the 8000 series and it was garbage (an old 6000 
series gave better graphics and frame rates), but that may have just 
been that model combined with our hardware.


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