[Wine] Re: Can't Remove Unwanted Apps In MS Office '03 In Ubuntu - HELP

taurusx5 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 20 20:00:48 CDT 2008

dimesio wrote:
> Wine's uninstaller doesn't work very well. I have no idea if Crossover will be better for this problem, but since they have a free trial, it can't hurt to try. 
> Is there a reason you need to uninstall the apps? They won't hurt anything just being there.

Hi, dimesio. Thanks for the reply. I need to uninstall the uneeded apps (and just leave Word and Excel) because I don't want them to clutter my system. 

Also, do you think wine-doors can help me uninstall these individual apps? Do you know where I can download it?


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