Daniel Kasak daniel.kasak at 247realmedia.com
Mon Oct 20 21:40:54 CDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 21:16 -0500, vitamin wrote:

> You can take that one and show it up you know what.

Ah, Vitamin. Clearly you haven't taken yours today? I've seen you blow
your top at other list members, but I'm honoured that you've taken the
time to rant to me on this day. It's cranky little kiddies like you that
give scare people away from Linux and open-source software.

>  If you so care about principles what are you doing here at all?!

Lurking. Answering some questions ... and in a far friendlier tone than

>  What you need Wine for? To run closed source software??!!

Actually the only closed-source software I currently use is Komodo and
IE7, and I don't use Wine for either of them ( and I need IE7 for
testing ).

>  Where did your principals go?

They're very much alive and kicking thanks little man. I use what I need
to to get the job done. When work dictates that I used proprietary
software, then I do. When I have the option, I use open-source. So I
think compared to, say, _you_, my principles are actually quite

> If you still satisfied with 2D graphics and performance - then Matrox
>  would be the best choice for you. And yes it does have open source
>  drivers. That are still better then all this "radion" crap.

Well thanks for your prized opinion, but I'm happy with my 'radeon'
( engage your spell-checker if your intelligence is not present ).

> If you bother to look in Wine bugzilla you will see that most modern
>  games don't work at all on ATi cards (with closed source drivers).

So you're a gaming buff, eh? That's nice. Run along now and score some
new high points for me. Oh wow! I can imagine the framerate now ...

>  While open source drivers are just barely enough to run compiz by
>  itself. And they just learned to do that. Before you couldn't even use
>  compiz on those.

??? Actually the open-source drivers were the _first_ to run compiz, and
have done so remarkably well since this milestone. Got any other
throw-away BS for me?


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