James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 20 23:31:02 CDT 2008

Daniel Kasak wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 21:48 -0500, Austin English wrote:
>> For that matter, a game developer using Linux would NEED those drivers for work.
> A game developer using Linux could quite easily FIX open-source drivers
> to work. John Carmack, for example, worked on mesa to fix some driver
> issues while working on Quake for Linux. This type of work must be
> applauded. But unfortunately he's the odd one out, and many more
> developers ( if they work on a Linux version at all ) think they only
> have to deal with nVidia's binary driver, and can safely ignore
> everything else. I'm subscribed to various X-related mailing lists
> ( xorg, mesa, dri, xf86-video-ati ), and I don't every recall *any*
> contact, whether in the form of bug reports, patches, or just a quick
> 'hi there' from any commercial game developers.
Come to think of it, John is the ONLY developer working on games for
Linux.  The rest decided it was not financially worth it a LONG time ago
and are sticking with Windows and a few are actually now developing for
the Mac platform.  See, you have to recoup those costs and they are very
high.  Game programmers actually make MORE money developing for the Wii
than they will ever recover from developing for Linux.  They will put
more effort where they think the most money to be made is.

BTW, I've been a long time 'alternate' operating system user, and I have
FC8 and FC9 around here but I've not taken the time to install them. 
Someday they will find themselves installed on my Thinkpad A22p which
has a built-in ATI card.

Right now, I'm using a Mac and testing Darwine on it for production

James McKenzie

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