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Tue Oct 21 06:24:38 CDT 2008

It seems the Core of Discussion is not about Graphics, but about politics.

The Question the OP has to answer before himself is, if greater performance is more worth than Openness.
Most ppl. would say yes, and thus encouraging Companies like Nvidia to continue in their doings...

So the Question gets transformed to "Do i value openness of the OS higher than some framerates or featuresets" (Btw. Games and drivers for linux is sort of a vicious circle. Both ones do not get better by the lack of the other.)

In my case, i do. Thats why i "only" own a litte centrino-Notebook with intel-graphics. And i never have to worry about breaking drivers with new kernels or X-versions ;)

For me, no Game on earth is worth selling my soul.


p.s. pls. do not take anything of this as an affront... its just my personal opinion.

"Clemens Eisserer" <linuxhippy at gmail.com> schrieb am 21.10.2008 11:13:

> Come to think of it, John is the ONLY developer working on games for
> Linux.
No, he isn't. At least Epic is there too.
With the rising of OSX the chance is not too small that OpenGL will survive,
and that drivers (at least from companies with unified-driver code)
will be higher quality than they are now.

>  The rest decided it was not financially worth it a LONG time ago
> and are sticking with Windows and a few are actually now developing for
> the Mac platform.  See, you have to recoup those costs and they are very
> high.
The problem are most of the time unexperienced developers as well as
not-portable frameworks used.
Those frameworks have been used ofter the past years.

If you choose the right technologies at project start, portability
comes for free.

lg Clemens

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