[Wine] using ALSA with a USB device?? Is this possible?

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 21 08:34:08 CDT 2008

I run Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. I want to be able to use a USB microphone with alsa but am unable to do so. My iMic USB soundcard requires that I run winecfg and set audio to OSS. 

Here's my dilemma. 
The USB mic gives me better sound. (DNS accuracy settings on average 3 points higher, which is significant.)
Alsa gives me better latency. (Or maybe something else, but I think it's latency. Recognition is faster, which makes it more accurate.)

I would love to be able to use a USB mike with alsa. Is this possible?
Does my choice of an iMic USB device have anything to do with it? Would I be better off with m-audio's transit?

Susan Cragin

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