[Wine] Having problems with World of warcraft

mkrista mkrista at buyestate.com
Thu Oct 23 08:02:23 CDT 2008

Rheibio wrote:
> Well... THANKS to wine developers!! Never thought i could play WOW on salckware!
> Actually it's running a LOT smoother on wine as it did on xp.
> However the only problemn is that the cursor can't reach the far bottom on the screen where my bar is. So i can't put my spells in the quick slots. Any suggestions about it? Is there someway to solve this minor issue?
I am having the same problem. I am running Kbuntu 8.04 64bit. And WoW 
does seem to run better under wine now then XP.
I have a XP drive just in case. also some times it just locks up or 
blows. (just wow) I think its the nvidia driver myself I am running
a gforce 9800 gtx card with 64bit 177.80 drivers.

and also Many Many Thanks to the Wine Developers you guys never seem to 
stop ! it just get better and better thank you

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