[Wine] Re: Having problems with World of warcraft

stimpak wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 23 15:10:41 CDT 2008

its a regression bug, it was introduced at 1.1.5 or at 1.1.6 i think, not sure ;P

it has already been reported so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

as a temp workaround,(assuming that you're playing with full screen), log at your character then esc -> video -> use windowed mode -> (check) maximize window (was working for me as with v 2.3.x and beta, i dont know about v3.0 i've canceled my account until wolk comes out :P)

you're actually tricking the window that plays the wow, to be on top of the bars, not actually playing it in full screen, but the result is the same never the less.

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