[Wine] Re: Only one joystick of two activated

Malla wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 26 10:38:48 CDT 2008


I think I've got a similar problem here. I'm trying to get Atomic Bomberman with 3 MS Sidewinder (USB-)Gamepads to run - with no success. The game works perfectly with 2 Gamepads, but it's impossible to select the third one in the game. Atomic Bomberman does support more than 2 Gamepads in Windows, I can play the game on WinXP with these 3 Gamepads.
I tested the three Gamepads on Ubuntu 8.04 (Wine 1.0.1, 1.1.7) and openSuse11 (Wine 1.0.1). It was no problem to use them with native Linux-Emulators/-games (e.g. Mupen64, "jstest"). So my conclusion is that wine is the crux of the matter.

Has anyone tested to use more than 2 Gamepads/Joysticks at once with wine?
What can I do to give you more information? I tried to start the game by using "WINEDEBUG=+dinput wine BM95.EXE 2> myfile", but it gives me a 16MiB file. :(

Moreover, "cat myfile | grep -i joystick" or "cat myfile | grep -i  gamepad" doesn't give me anything.

Any ideas?

best regards

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