[Wine] Adobe Director projectors

Danny Kodicek danny at sunflowerlearning.com
Mon Oct 27 09:03:37 CDT 2008

Ok, following up on this...

I'm pleased (and a little flabbergasted) to say that I now have our software
running on Linux using Wine. Given that we only bought the Linux machine
this morning and I've never run Linux before, this is one hell of a result
(obviously I have a lot of testing to do, but so far it's looking remarkably

So I just need to follow up on my last question: how would I go about
packaging Wine and our software as a single application that can be run
directly from Linux (or at the least installed as such). I'm still fairly
hazy on how the whole package thing works - I get the impression that you
register a piece of software to some central registry or other? But then
would there be some issues with the fact that our software isn't
open-source? Sorry, I'm not entirely sure even how to frame the question

> What strang/ancient distribution does not install a grahical package
> manager by default? Maybe you just didn't find it ;)

More than possible. I'm using one of those ultra-cheap PCs that come with
Linux preinstalled (it's Linpus Lite), and I had to search through a lot of
forums to find out what to do. In fairness, getting to this stage in two
hours shows that I didn't find it *that* hard - it just *felt* horrible.

> You better should answer to the mailing list, btw. Usually the mail
> client takes care of that but wine's list is a bit broken in that
> matter.

You're telling me - I'm getting every message through three times, and I
can't reply to the list without entering it manually into the to: field.
Never mind, now I know. Sorry about that.

Thanks for your help

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