[Wine] Wine post graduation thesis

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 27 09:24:25 CDT 2008

>Im writing my post graduation thesis in 
>and im talking about M$ wine and crossover. Can anyone pointout some good literature to begin my work.
>I want to talk about what needs to be done in M$ programing enviorment so that everything will  run smothly in wine.

I have a specific request to make of you. 
When doing your thesis, don't forget to mention how important it is that wine be able to run Dragon NaturallySpeaking (especially 10 Standard). 
DNS10 is critically important, not only to those with limited hand function, but to the world's court system. Many parts of the world rely on it to do transcription reporting, especially when taking depositions. 
In addition, speech recognition is a GREAT research tool, especially for graduate students. When reading a complex document and taking notes, speech recognition makes you able to take more notes faster, and speaking the words and looking at them gives about the same level of "brain capture" as hand-writing notes. 
Good speech recognition technology is effectively in the hands of a single United States corporation -- Nuance -- and that corporation has no interest in developing a Linux version. 
In addition, DNS has the capacity to run better on Linux than it now does on Windows, especially Windows Vista. Windows is getting slower and more memory-hungry, whereas Linux can be stripped to a lean, mean, speech-recognition machine, using a real-time kernel and other tweaks. 
Susan Cragin

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