[Wine] Adobe Director projectors

Danny Kodicek danny at sunflowerlearning.com
Mon Oct 27 10:58:21 CDT 2008

> > So I just need to follow up on my last question: how would 
> I go about
> > packaging Wine and our software as a single application 
> that can be run
> > directly from Linux (or at the least installed as such).
> > 
> Why do you want to package Wine with your app? Most major 
> distros have it in their repositories, and source code is 
> available for those that don't. If your app works fine in 
> Wine, just distribute as a Windows app, and let people know 
> that it also works in Wine.

Well, it's a tricky question. We're aiming at the education market and I
have no idea how clued-up these people are. As a newbie to Linux myself,
working out how to get Wine working was a tricky problem, and I don't know
if it would be the same for others. Can I really expect a student to know
how to run a Windows executable via Wine on Linux? 


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