[Wine] Adobe Director projectors

Danny Kodicek danny at sunflowerlearning.com
Tue Oct 28 04:29:06 CDT 2008

> >> In general, if an app works in Wine, installing and 
> running it would be exactly the same as in Windows: point and 
> click. Wine normally adds Windows apps to the menu when you 
> install them, and creates desktop links if the installer 
> creates Windows shortcuts. It's only when an app doesn't work 
> out-of-the-box with Wine that it can get tricky.
> >>
> > Until the occasional regression...
> >
> > A bundled Wine version has the advantage that you are certain about
> > the exact configuration that the program runs on... (Although static
> > linking seem to be the only real way of distributing 
> binaries without
> > breakages on different distros... (This might have changed from the
> > previous time I tried...))
> >
> > Gert
> >
> >
> That's why you could/should do as Google does with Picasa, and
> distribute a tested version of Wine. Install it as
> /usr/bin/wine-yourapp/, or /opt/wine-your-app/, etc. You can then use
> that version without fear of Wine upgrades breaking it, and the user
> can install Wine in /usr/bin/wine, or /usr/local/bin/wine, etc., for
> their other applications.

Thanks for all the comments, everyone, this was very helpful.

In our case, the software doesn't actually get installed - users can run it
directly off the CD-ROM or drag it into a folder on their network (this is
one of our big selling points). I found it relatively easy to run it by
using winefile and navigating to the correct location, but it would be
lovely to be able to create a front-end.

However, I'm not too worried about these details - now we know the software
runs, I'm sure we can solve the minor teething problems and get it smooth.
This is a very exciting thing for us, so thanks for the help. Who knows, we
may be able to switch to Linux as a development environment too and escape
from MS hell altogether...


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