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"Danny Kodicek" <danny at sunflowerlearning.com> wrote:

> Well, it's a tricky question. We're aiming at the education market and I
> have no idea how clued-up these people are. As a newbie to Linux myself,
> working out how to get Wine working was a tricky problem, and I don't know
> if it would be the same for others. Can I really expect a student to know
> how to run a Windows executable via Wine on Linux? 

play with "./configure --help" so it installs into its own folder system.

Then use a script to launcher the program. Write the script in Bourne shell.
Then make .*deb *.rpm packages for easy install, note wine will need to be rebuilt for each distribution.
Make sure the script is in "bin" folder.You could make the script check if wine is install then let you use it, If you want. this way anyone who wants to use there own version of wine there can.
if your going to sell your program say "This program can run on wine x.xx.xx" so people know which version wine it was tested on.

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