[Wine] Codeweavers

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Oct 29 03:10:28 CDT 2008

So I installed it. I can say they have packaged it very nicely and give a 
decent UI for "local" installation of supported and "unsupported" Windows 
apps. One caveat is that their virus checck can take forever and make one 
think the installation has hung.

Codeweavers runs Dagesh word processor. Recent WINE versions have not run this 
in a long long time (used to!). This non-Unicode WP still handles multilingual 
bi-directional docs better than Word or OpenOffice (language is up-front, not 
an obscure font!! property). I am one of the authors.

If I can get wineasio to work with it, then I will give Cakewalk Sonar Home 
Studio (2002) a try. Their older software, up to their "express", ran on WINE. 
If this baby plays, nirvana. There are a few such apps that function 
acceptably in WINE. Most are too heavy.

Still too early to wipe that Win98 partitions, however.

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