[Wine] Thanks!

moggy812 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 29 17:47:51 CDT 2008

after all my efforts and no ones help... well, ok just one maybe; i have decided that getting my game of Oblivion Elder Scrolls on here through wine is not achievable by someone as dim witted as myself, as i really have no clue about all these archive things, terminal commands GL shaders or anything else...
it just seems that no matter what i do, it just doesn't want to work, either i have the wrong wine (which i have tried to change, but again, i cant seem to be able to do that either) it seems to me that no one linux is the same as another, and im not just talking about the variants here either, i mean, one ubuntu 8.04 is not the same as the next 8.04, which seems bizzare to me, which is why probably i cant get my game to work.
and i thought the people in here were cool and helpful, and all i have seen is emptiness, is that because people dont want to bother helping the less knowledgeable or perhaps they dont know them selves or is it simply that no one can be bothered lately?
i have unstalled wine but it is still there, i have tried all sorts of help/tips and still no go... the best i had it was when game was running but the character screen was black, but since then from trying different things, its gone to shit again

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