[Wine] Wine HQ in Macosx

jabertolin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 29 18:19:57 CDT 2008


I started to work with a new platform: MacOSX Leopard (coming from Ubuntu-Linux) and I tried to use Wine HQ with some XP programs that they worked successfully in Ubuntu with WH.

Now, actually, they work fine as well in MacOSX (so congratulations) however, I remember that in Linux I was able to create a link from my desktop to run directly the application and now I do not know how to do it in MacOSX. Currently I have to use WinFIle.exe to access the correspondent folder and execute manually there the Windows Application but it is not fair and takes time to get the folder.

How could I do it to run the application from the desktop?



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