[Wine] How to install Wine-1.1.7 on Ubuntu 7.10

Daniel Kasak daniel.kasak at 247realmedia.com
Wed Oct 29 22:01:15 CDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-29 at 21:12 -0500, Justterrible wrote:

> I've taken my medication so I'm calm now.
> gdebi-gtk is my friend now.
> I think I'll move away from Ubuntu altogether and try and find a more compatible linux.

Hmmm. There's no such thing. There are less compatible distros. I was
under the impression that someone was maintaining a Wine repository for
Ubuntu. Isn't this still alive? Oh. I just re-read your subject line.
Why are you using 7.10? If you update to 8.04, you can use the
repository listed at: http://www.winehq.org/site/download-deb

> There are hundreds of flavours out there. I need a distro where I can compile source code as well as install ready to go packages.
> So far I've had 2 recommended distros: Gentoo and Arch.

If you're just migrating from Windows, then I would stay well clear of
'pure' Gentoo ... and I'm a long-time Gentoo user. You can try Sabayon
( a modded Gentoo with a binary package managemet system ), but to be
honest, it's not *quite* as polished as Ubuntu just yet. It's getting
there very quickly though.

If I were you I'd stick with Ubunutu. You've had some teething problems,
sure. I think this could be fixed if Ubuntu either installed development
libraries, or gave newbies an easy way to install them.

> Is there a pure generic Linux out there?

Gentoo's pretty close to it - it's described as a meta-distribution. You
can go even further and try LinuxFromScratch. But seriously I don't
think you want to go that way if you've had problems installing things
with Ubuntu. What are you after exactly? Things to 'just work'? If yes,
I think Ubuntu is the way to go. If you have time spare for reading
wikis, playing with config files, and generally screwing around, then go
for Sabayon / Gentoo.


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