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>I recently killed my Windows installation with the "upgrade" to SP3. Some driver bull$#!7 idk... Well, I need to uninstall Sp3, but the cache is, I can't uninstall it if I'm not booted into Windows because it automatically expects the drive letter to be C:. Well, here's my plan: I want to reassign temporarily the C: drive in WINE to /media/disk instead of c_drive... Unfortunately, it is not letting me.
This is there for a reason.  What you experienced is one of the reasons I left the World of Microsoft a long, long time ago.  It is called the "Need to Re-install" which is what you are faced with now.  This is a long, boring and very frustrating task starting with a backup of data from your hard drive (you did create a D: partition to store all of your data in correct) and ending with the complete re-installation of every application you installed.  You can try the shortcut of attempting to repair your Windows installation, but this fails in many cases.  My solution was to move away from Windows to OS/2, then Linux and lastly run a Mac laptop (Office 2008 is available for the Mac as well as many other applications, I run Wine because several small house programmers refuse to build for the Mac.)

>Can anyone tell me how to override this?

No, and it basically should not be done.  This is extremely dangerous and you could end up with a brick that used to be called a hard drive.

I have an upgrade strategy for Windows that I've found to work real well:

1.  Don't upgrade unless you need functionality only the upgrade provides.
2.  Backup, backup and backup again your hard drive's C: partition.  You did create a D: partition to install your applications and data to, didn't you?  Only Windows should exist on your C: partition.
3.  Run the upgrade.
4.  If the upgrade fails, restore your C: partition and complain LOUDLY about what happened to Microsoft.
5.  Install Linux/Wine and work with that.

James McKenzie

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