[Wine] Re: Big test coming up: fallout 3

tuxfusion wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 30 17:58:37 CDT 2008

Hi sjbayer3,

thanks for the contribution.

This game has status "Garbage" meaning it won't run right now.

There is already a bug report about this issue i posted it one entry above.

You might want to use a nopaste service so people will be able to read this thread which is hard with hundreds of lines of debug code.
-> http://pastebin.com/ 
Service is free and very usefull

@dayosh  , yes my C skills are close to nothing and i dont have time to start with wine source code and learn stuff from people but
 maybe in some days after my final exams are done .. really like to now how the magic is done in wine , what im trying to say is only a
 patch to the source code will help right now , imho

Kind Regards

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