[Wine] Re: Big test coming up: fallout 3

sjbayer3 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 30 19:15:21 CDT 2008

My suggestions for getting as far as I can get:

1. rename ~/.wine/ to .wine_backup %this will let you start fresh
2. open winecfg and setup audio
3. Load dvd and install 
4. download and place d3dx9_38.dll in windows/system folder
5. use a fix to remove the protection, unless I get the okay from a mod I wont be able to post a link. I would suggest searching google for "fallout 3 trivium" 
6. Run the launcher through wine, it should open up and you can setup your video settings.  If you can try to play the game through here, if you get a direct sound error then...
7. run Fallout3.exe through wine and it will start up.  The mouse will be stuck but you can use the arrow keys to select start new game.  Sadly it will freeze while loading.

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