[Wine] Re: COM ports are not getting locked

aviator wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 30 21:47:33 CDT 2008

So if each program is running under a separate instance of wine(using wineprefix) will they still be able to pass information to eachother and grab window handles? Each serial device is read by a daemon app that collects, decodes, then sends the data to the main application which displays it. Another issue is 2 of the devices use the same exact serial to usb chip set yet are different devices so being able to enumerate at least those two is necessary. It's more of a device locking conflict than an application conflict. It sounds like we might just be SOL until the wineserver is fixed, unless we can manage to do it in the windows apps themselves. 

I've had to make custom video drivers(to get opengl to work), special udev rules(a vain attempt to statically map ports), change wines clock setting sanity check(yes the clock must be set by the gps), make custom linux daemons to do cleanup windows would normally do, custom launchers to prevent strange errors, run as root(yes it is a necessity for permissions sake and these devices will never see or be attached to any network So it is OK), and test about 8-10 window managers to get similar behavior to windows window focus and behavior(nothing is exact). So as you can imagine after 7 years I am not going to give up :) . 

It is especially important for aviation software to be very stable and it already is more so under wine/linux, but it is also important that everything works the same as in windows. So I put out there, to any wine developers, that are also into aviation I will gladly donate a copy of the application suite to anyone who can help with this last little stitch with the wineserver. I can't give you the gyroscope, gps, traffic radar, and live satellite weather feed, however it may be possible we could meet to test these. This is truly some of the best software for aviation out there and it would be so much better if it ran perfectly under linux. It's so close it's making me antsy.

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