[Wine] [Darwine] Can't run STALKER

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 30 23:09:42 CDT 2008

Hitman wrote:
> I installed Xquartz, the proper Xorg that is.
> I've tried serveral things:
> I compiled Wine 1.1.3 for OSX. Still ahving the problems
> I compiled Darwine for OSX. Same
> I got the prebuild version of Darwine. Same problems
> I even tried it in Crossover Games, which just freezes up when I try to install it in a new and old bottle.

If the program requires OpenGL 1.3/3.0, it will not run in Darwine due
to a failure of Apple's and MacOSXForge's to implement it.  There is a
possibility that this will be supported in XQuartz 2.4.

This is not a failure of Wine or Darwine to support OpenGL calls, as
they are passed to the underlying X system.

James McKenzie

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