[Wine] Attention Non-Linux Wine Users

Zach Drayer zach at drayer.name
Fri Oct 31 23:44:13 CDT 2008

> On Oct 31, 2008, at 2:27 PM, Austin English wrote:
> Yes:
> $ wine winetest -t your-tag-here
> Usage: winetest [OPTION]...
>  -c       console mode, no GUI
>  -e       preserve the environment
>  -h       print this message and exit
>  -p       shutdown when the tests are done
>  -q       quiet mode, no output at all
>  -o FILE  put report into FILE, do not submit
>  -s FILE  submit FILE, do not run tests
>  -t TAG   include TAG of characters [-.0-9a-zA-Z] in the report
> You probably want:
> $ wine winetest -c -t your-tag-here
That works, thanks.

On Oct 31, 2008, at 11:45 PM, James McKenzie wrote:

> Zach:
> Google is your friend.  First hit on cvs login produced a command  
> line:
> $ cvs –d :pserver:user:repositorypath login password
> I think that cvs anonymous has no login password, but I could be  
> incorrect.
> James McKenzie
I was googling along the lines of "CVS automatic login" and looking in  
the cvs manpage - neither of which had much info that helped. I'm not  
too familiar with CVS (I'm way more familiar with SVN and git has  
helpful manpages). Thanks for the info though.


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