[Wine] Re: Autocad 2008 and wine

raja_s_patil wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 1 12:19:12 CDT 2008

Well ruelle,

I havenot given up the hope but I could not
try Autocad 200x on linux since I am Doing
it for my friends not for me. Whatever my
requirements are there have been 100% 
fulfilled by wine (only 6/7 applications  from windows)
and have made shift to ubuntu for last 1 month
i have not booted Win XP and carrying out
all of my routine work only on KUbuntu.

Thanks to KUbuntu, wine & wine Community.

In year 2000/2001 I tried linux for first time
with RH and Suse but could not shift to it
on desktop but adopted for production
server side implementation but with Ubuntu
i felt that i can adopt it on desktop also and
did that. Linux and wine have Improved very much
since my first try and i am confident that the
speed of improvement will much higher in near
future as more more ppl shift from Windows to Linux
simple demand supply phenomenon.

I strongly feel that day is not far to get
Autocad on Linux may be through wine or Native One.

Thanks and Best Regards

Raja Patil

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