[Wine] Re: Window Scrolling on OSX

msandersen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 4 01:22:41 CDT 2008

Thanks for working on it regardless, all these compiling issues are beyond most of us. Everything is "easy" or "manageable" to fix as long as you know how! I don't know if it's available via Macports, but I imagine Darwine is rather tweaked for the Mac beyond merely being a straight port, I don't know if Macports would throw up similar compiler issues.
I received another update from Apple (from Vanaja Pasumarthi specifically) on my bug report, nothing new though, it's still being worked on by engineering. At least they are aware of it.

I rather look forward to a native Darwine using Aqua straight without X11, and a native GTK for The Gimp and Inkscape, or even better, someone making an actual native version, as I'm not really a great fan of GTK, being slow and ugly. Then, along with the Qt/KDE for Mac project, any issues of XQuartz would be quite irrelevant for most of us Mac users.
A fully-integrated (functional) Darwine coming default with a Mac, along with DOSBox/Boxer would be great for all those casual gamers. Apple could do worse than invest in CrossOver, I reckon. I've just signed up to CrossOver as an Advocate so I can test Wine on a few apps. Darwine alone is not yet up to scratch, and I have more luck with Crossover, despite them using Wine 0.95. I suppose the migrating window issue is one reason they haven't adopted 1.0+ yet.

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