[Wine] Modo 302

PuG wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 4 08:15:13 CDT 2008

Hi, trying out Modo302 with Wine 1.0 through Ubuntu 8.04, had some success so far and appears to be working nearly fully accept for two problems we seem to be having. 

The first is minor, and only appears to effect drop down menu where the entrys are unselectable, which was suggested maybe a Wine focus bug? We can work round this to some degree within Modo by modifying the layout.

But the second more import glitch is when viewing geometry/content through Modos viewports, and displays the following error message:

 "Drawing Problem: dangerous lack of resources!".

It does however work in a single viewport, UV and render tab, and the problem only seems to occur first on the Quad layout (it may work upto three viewports at one time before the warning appears -and once it does you have to quit and reload).

Modo is using OpenGL. 

[Image: http://dev.ironfoot.co.uk/ubuntu_modo302.png ]

Any input or suggestions would be most appreciated! We are running a thread over on the Luxology forums. The good news is bench mark times are virtually identical if not better than MS Vista.

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