[Wine] Re: Slow performance with many 3D games

Fazer wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 7 13:49:06 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> Fazer wrote:
> > Thanks, running Steam first did the trick. TF2 now runs faster and smother, but I still have no HUD, which is pretty important in this game, since you can see among others the state of objectives on it. So I'll try to install DirectX 9, but this time from a tutorial - http://www.wine-reviews.net/microsoft/directx-90c-march-2008-redistributable-on-linux-with-wine.html
> It's again another known problem. Add -dxlevel 81 to the TF2's command line (in steam right-click on TF2, select properties....).
> Installing DX9 won't help you.

I know about this "workaround". It has it's advantages, but also looks worse. Characters are matte, which makes them very hard to distinguish from background.

I installed DX9 from June 2008, set all libraries and nothing changed - it's even worse now, because I have no sound.

Why installing it didn't help? Isn't writing windows libraries from scratch a part of Wine developers task? I thought after this at least one thing would be displayed better - but there's nothing.

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