[Wine] IE6, flash, abysmal performance

Daniel Kasak daniel.kasak at 247realmedia.com
Mon Sep 8 01:21:59 CDT 2008

Hi all.

I'm using Wine ( 1.1.4 ) to test some Flash stuff ( flex ) in IE6. IE6
runs quite well normally, but once Flash is loaded up, it goes VERY
slowly indeed.

I've done a quick sysprof profile
( http://entropy.homelinux.org/ie6_flash.sysprof ), and from what I can
see ( and I'm most certainly no expert ), it looks like most CPU cycles
are being burned in fbGetImage and fbCopyArea ( in nvidia_drv.so ). Now,
while this is happening ( ie while sysprof was running ), there was *no*
activity in the IE6 windows, apart from a ( small ) animated hourglass.
But from the sysprof data, it looks like there's a WHOLE heap of data
being thrashed back and forth somewhere.

I realise that this is a bit of a corner case. But anyway, maybe
( hopefully ) there's a simple optimisation that can improve this? :)

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