[Wine] Re: New User General Fail

trialbyfile wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 8 04:27:26 CDT 2008

Thank for the advice.

I had no problem running the installer, just the program after it properly installed.

I have developed, since I posted this, more severe issues.  I have just been running Linux for a week or so, on a new homebuilt system, and have had a lot of trouble booting.  I have to boot in recovery mode, and I get error messages when I shut down.  Now I'm getting no boot-up at all, but the case power and fans come on.  I'm thinking the motherboard has been bad the whole time.  I realize this is outside the Wine scope, but if anyone has any good suggestions for a first-time computer builder and Linux user, they would be appreciated.

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