[Wine] what is wine good for?

jagerhans wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 8 15:35:52 CDT 2008

well if you think this is trolling youre probably right. 
but. there is a but. i've been using wine since years, from time to time, i compiled it, tried various versions both precompiled and source up to the present day. now i give up. wine is unusable. period. dont want to say it is a piece of crap because of all the hard work that is behind, but it is irritating to say the least. 
seriously guys why waste your time ? i've never managed to make something useful with it and i tried hard. nor all the geeks i know and theyre a legion. there are excellent native linux apps that cover nearly every imaginable need .  if you want wine for a game, chances are it wont work at all,  work real bad or transform a game in an annoying loss of time. plus, things that worked keep turning back unusable with new versions. who cares if winrar works perfectly? only a moron would want to emulate it when there are excellent gui compressors for linux. so again, after years doing my best to find some use for it i give up now and for ever. the very idea looks great, but windows apis will be always one mile ahead of you.  so insist with this pointless exercise of patience if you please ,  my attempts to do something useful with wine that regularly end up in an orgy of horrible swears directed to all the known and unknown gods in front of a terminal pounded with stubs are over forever.
goodbye. i dont feel like saying you thanks because your work is only a total, continuous loss of time and processor cycles and all for some lousy windows game. ha.

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