[Wine] Notepad appends ".txt" to file names it looks for

Gert van den Berg gert at mohag.net
Tue Sep 9 23:00:42 CDT 2008

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 10:43 PM, Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes
<alex at thehandofagony.com> wrote:
> I have sent a patch to fix notepad's behaviour with regards to appending .txt
> to filenames.  But I was not able to reproduce the issue you described;
> notepad opens the files just fine, without any errors.  The issue seems to be
> that notepad is given the filename C:\4NEC2\MODELS\EXAMPLE1.NE, while it
> should be C:\4NEC2\MODELS\EXAMPLE1.NEC
> I used Wine 1.1.3 and 4NEC2 5.7.3.  Could you upgrade to Wine 1.1.3 or newer
> and see if the problem persists?
Is the patch included with Wine yet? (I might try wine-git sometime)
As of wine-1.1.4 it seems that notepad's behaviour is unchanged.

http://www.mohag.net/tm1.png (I close the window for fakefile.test.txt
that opened (that file exists))

(I would probably leave the screenshot there until Google forces met
to switch from Google pages to Google sites, if anyone is having
problems accessing this more than a few months after this post...)

Thank you very much for looking into the issue...

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