[Wine] Re: print directly on another computer's LPT

tjandracom wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 11 23:09:23 CDT 2008

oiaohm wrote:
> If it was a USB Printer port I could make it work threw Linux far more effective. http://usbip.sourceforge.net/ There is no printer port over IP I know of other than that. Yes that is direct printer port.
> I will be blunt. Linux is designed that raw device access is not normally provided over the network. Theory is that you would create a daemon/service to carry out that location where the device is.
> Really please exam your path. 15 - 20 second speed hit is being caused by abusing the Linux stacks.
> If it was a normal serial port it would not be hard either servers to deal with that problem exist. http://www.jfc.org.uk/software/conc.html . 

all i want to do is to print on another computer's "dot matrix printer" using the printer's font, character by character. if i'm using the linux driver, i will get the graphically translated printing (dot by dot). with graphically printing, all the escape code i've sent to the Epson printer (ESC/P2) will be translated first by the driver and not received by the printer.

oiaohm wrote:
> You seam to be coding the program to do this job. Why cannot a remote service be used to control the printer port directly.

any hint to do that? i'm a windows programmer, and relatively new to linux. is it possible to write a windows program and use it as a linux daemon/service through Wine?
i plan to recoding all my windows application to native linux application, but before i accomplish that, there is Wine. :D

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