[Wine] Re: Autocad 2008 and wine

Grof wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 18 15:30:29 CDT 2008

Timeout wrote:
> This is wrong. My application (even if not Autocad) is still working with .NET 2 and has a Vista version (god knows how long) but a .NET 2 application CAN run under Vista.

Of course they can, .NET 3.0 is downward compatible with .NET 2.0.

I just sad that ACAD 2009 using .NET 3.0, and no chanse to run it on Wine until somebody write  new winetrick for .NET 3.0 installation under WIne...

ACAD 2009 can NOT running under .NET 2.0 - that is the point  [Wink]

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