[Wine] How to make Garmin see Garmin?

Beartooth Beartooth at swva.net
Sun Sep 21 14:34:37 CDT 2008

	I have Garmin's topo map software for the USA, 2008 version, and 
also a very old MapSource MetroGuide (ca. 1998) installed under wine. All 
is well -- except the biggest thing. Neither program can detect the etrex 
vista nor the rino 120, using Garmin's cables. 

	The topo couldn't before I added the road maps,so that's not the 

	Both, on the other (<shudder> XPProSP2 <shudder>) hard drive of 
the selfsame machine  detect both perfectly well -- as do DeLorme, 
topo.com, and maptech software -- so the hardware isn't the problem, 

	The cables use the serial port. My suspicion is that wine isn't 
telling the software about that. How do I make it do it?? 

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