[Wine] wine, 3D games and amd64

Anigel anigel at club-internet.fr
Wed Apr 1 05:54:25 CDT 2009


I have been a a wine user for a quite long time, for Microsoft Money
2002 first, and World of Warcraft then. Recently, I found in a lost
cardboard many "old" games, and tried to play them again (only
original CDs, so for each try I had to patch the games with latest
version of course).

First Heroes of Might and Magic II, marked as gold on appdb : I was
unable to run it, I get strange memory errors ( see
http://pastebin.com/m78209ada for this particular example).

I tried Civilization II : Test of Time, and I get similar errors. Same
problem with Civilization III, and a few other games I tried...

Since I run on a amd64 kernel (Gentoo + latest wine version), I'd like
to know if there are compatibility problems known with this
architecture ? I remember ths was the case in the past, but I thought
this was not the case nowadays ?

If anyone has a clue...

Thanks !

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