[Wine] Re: LOTRO & Wine Performance Issues

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 1 21:27:41 CDT 2009

CynicalPride wrote:
> Vitamin,
> It seems as if you did not read my entire post before replying. If you read further down, you will see that when I activate higher graphics under my new system configuration, it causes graphics lag, than a crash. This did not occur under the old system. 
> I also had this setup running on my old hardware, flawlessly, with the exception that my hardware was simply not powerful enough to maintain the game at ultra high settings, during peak play hours. This was the reason for the hardware upgrade.
> This isn't a wine configuration error, I have had this running before, and have been running this setup for about 1.5 years. These problem only started happening when I built the new system.
> I understand that WINE's native DX, isn't as fast as windows, however, If I was running this on an EVGA 7600 GT, on ultra high with "little" graphics lag, and now I have an EVGA GTX 260, and cannot even run on low , without SEVERE lag and crashes, than I am pretty sure this isn't an issue with wine/lotro running nicely together.
> Edit: For giggles, and out of desperation, I ripped pulse audio out, and tested, the problem remains. (I have used Pulse Audio for awhile, never had any problems with it).

might it be the video memory auto detection?

Wine doesn't have a check for the GTX 260, only the 280 at the moment... it needs to be added.

You can set your video memory size manually through regedit

HKLM, Software, Wine, Direct3D

create a key named VideoMemorySize, and set it to 896 (I think all GTX 260's have 896MB)

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