[Wine] Re: Wine shortcuts not doing anything?

Sephiroth wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 2 21:30:14 CDT 2009

Sorry I lost track of this thread.  If I use KDE or a terminal and go into the LOMSE directory and right-click and choose "Open with Wine..." or type "wine ./lomse.exe" it works great!  Played for an hour or so as a test and no problems.  The shortcut isn't working however, and it's a HUGE inconvenience to use a terminal or enable hidden files in KDE and go to it myself.  I corrected the line for capitol letters so the path is correct, and now looks like the one below.  Still nothing.


env WINEPREFIX="/home/<me>/.wine" wine "C:\Games\Sierra\LOMSE\lomse.exe" /cd=D:\

Any ideas?

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