[Wine] Ventrilo Linux Client (Spux)

msierks wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 3 09:23:20 CDT 2009

Hello everyone

I am currently looking for developers to help with an open source project called Spux. This project has been around for a while but I have recently decided to go open source due to many complaints. The project is to simply create a native Linux Ventrilo client. Ventrilo does work with wine but not well and it would be better if there were a native client. Many of us need a client such as this because some of us just don't have the option to tell others to use something else for voice chat. So if you are interested in joining the development team contact me at msierks at sierkstech.net or go to www.spuxproject.net to view the current progress.

thank you
Michael Sierks

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