[Wine] Re: Problems with Counter Strike Source

GhostRider wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 4 05:53:35 CDT 2009


So, i reainstalled wine, steam and uninstalled Playonlinux, now everything is installed and work ( but i have the same crash of css problem ).
So, i downloaded the "  Hack to fix CSS " ( as csshack.txt ) and now i will patch Wine with.

> Often times, developers post test patches for users to test their programs with. Though this may seem overwhelming, it's quite simple. Simply download the patch (likely from bugzilla, or possibly from e-mail) and copy it to your wine source folder (often ~/wine-git/). Then run:

In comand line ( because i can't see the wine folder, it's hidden ) how can i copy my " csshack.txt " to the ~/wine folder ?
I don't have a folder called " wine-git " but just a /wine folder, this is the same ?

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