[Wine] "HW T&L" problems

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 10:27:04 CDT 2009

I don't know if this was asked before...

I noticed that HW T&L is not always working. In some apps (Operation
Flashpoint for example) if I use HW T&L as D3D driver, I get significant
frame rate increase, while in others (Max Payne 1 or Max Payne 2) there is
no difference at all. I was testing Max Payne 2 for speed (this game has
“developer mode” in which you can see current FPS), I chosen complex scene
where both in Windows and under Wine FPS drops significantly. With HW T&L in
Windows I got about 130 FPS average, while under Wine about 70. When I
turned HW T&L off... well this was weird – under Windows FPS dropped to
about half of what their were before (about 60-65 average) while under
Wine... there was no change at all – still about 70 FPS. Of course after
that I tried other games that use T&L – in both MDK2 (OpenGL game) and
Operation Flashpoint (D3D 6/7/8.1 game) I got significant FPS differences
when HW T&L was not used (this applies to both Windows and Wine).

So... my question is – is this behavior normal? Is there a way to “fix” this
(maybe force HW T&L somehow? Maybe by modifying Wine source?)

Thanks in advance.
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