[Wine] Help installing software with multiple cd's

doctordruidphd wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 4 20:41:19 CDT 2009

I have been trying to install several games, and all of the ones that have more than one disk fail, one way or another, at the point of changing cd's. Some (doom3) just quit [there exists an alternative plan for doom3], and others (Baldur's Gate-SoA) lock up the cd and won't let go. The only way to get the cd out is to kill the installer. I found the instructions on WineHQ, which say to run the installer this way:


wine start /unix /media/cdrom/setup.exe

When I do that, the installer starts, but unless I mount the cdrom first, it can't find any files on it, and if I do mount it, I can't get the cdrom out when the change disk message appears. The only way to get the cd out without killing the installer is to open a shell and do an 'eject -m', but then linux won't mount or read the new cd.
Well, some people have this working. Any suggestions how I install an application with multiple cd's, where the above instructions do not work? Maybe there is something else I don't have set up right? Thanks in advance.

Wine ?.18

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