[Wine] Re: Help installing software with multiple cd's

doctordruidphd wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 4 22:42:25 CDT 2009

Tried both. Running from Konqueror, the system refuses to eject the CD when the installer asks for disk2.
I tried the iso route, and the installer claims it cannot find the files it wants when I try to change to the mounted iso image.
I mounted the install disk on /media/install, and the disk2 image on /media/cdrom. When it asks for disk2, and I give it Z:/media/cdrom, it says it can't find a file.
This program is rated "gold" in the appdb, so someone has it working. I tried transferring my windows install, but it says the program isn't installed (registry problems?).
Maybe I don't know how to do it right? Maybe someone could explain in more detail?

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