[Wine] Re: WineVDM crash on CDROM speed test...

Sephiroth wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 5 19:53:44 CDT 2009

Well after installing, the game won't play.  It doesn't seem to "see" the CDROM.  It is mounted and all, and Wine sets it up as D:, and the config file for LoTR2 is setup as D, but no go.  AppDB says it is gold, but the fact is, you cannot play single player without the CD unless you have a cracked copy.  I am assuming that whatever CD protection is used in this game isn't working well with Wine.

To whatever moderator that didn't like the formatting: I simply copied and pasted all text directly from the WineVDM window.  I didn't go in and correct it because I assumed that's how the devs would find it useful.  I won't file a duplicate report however.

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