[Wine] Re: How can we improve WNE?

man_in_shack wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 5 20:16:35 CDT 2009

sotel wrote:
> Hy! I think this is more a task for the package-managers:

Yes. And I'm the guy :D

sotel wrote:
> I work with wine on debian and in the debian-package-management I can choose between a normal package and a debugging package.
> So if you take this item the wine packages will look like this:
> wine
> wine-dbg
> wine-dev
> where wine is the package without debugging-infos and wine-dbg including the debugging code.
> (OK - is not really the same but take this like an example.)
> Yours sincerely
> Joerg

To expand on what Warren said, the wine package is built with mostly default settings, including debugging channels on. Disabling debugging channels would be a terrible thing to do for distributed packages :)

The -dbg package includes debugging symbols, which are useful for debugging Wine using winedbg. At the very least, when an application crashes in Wine, they tell you what line of code it crashes in (to the best of its ability).

Also note that the wine-dbg package is separate to keep the size of the wine package down :)

Back to Warren's winecfg discussion:
I don't think these settings should be configurable from winecfg, in particular UseGLSL, OffscreenRenderingMode and VideoMemSize. The first two are fast approaching the point where they don't have to be changed at all, and VideoMemSize should NEVER be set by the user. I realise there are still cases where changing these settings improve performance or prevent crashes, as I use them myself, but the average user should not change them without knowing at least a little about what they do.

UsefulRegistryKeys is enough, in my opinion, until the keys themselves get deprecated by improved implementations in the required components.

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