[Wine] Warcraft III not recognizing

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 22:57:22 CDT 2009

>> I am using the newest version of wine ( 1.1.18) and ubuntu 8.10 x64. I've installed wine and warcraft III with no problems; however, when i try to run wc3 it prompts me to insert the CD (which is definitely in the drive). I have manually installed the warcraft 1.23 patch, which did not solve the issue. i was also reading up on the changes in 1.22 and how it relies on Visual C 2005, so i've also installed that which didn't fix my problem either.  I'm a little lost, and i am very new to the linux scene. Though i very much desire to make this my permanent home, so any help making the cross would be great.
BTW, I just tested it in gentoo x64 and wine-1.1.18 with version
1.23.6352 and all was well. It did not ask me for a cd and I did not
supply it with one.


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