[Wine] Re: Help installing software with multiple cd's

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 6 00:48:30 CDT 2009

perryh wrote:
> Ideally, wine would figure out that the application has requested
> a disk change

They never do. They just tell user to put next CD. There is no way for Wine to know about this. The only thing Wine might do is to listen to dbus/HAL for the unmount request from user (when user pushes the button to eject CD).

perryh wrote:
> What *could* be done would be to access removable devices (at least, CDs and floppies) without having them mounted,

Nothing. This is not Wine's job to mount devices.

perryh wrote:
> I've never understood the point of having the
> whole-device symlinks (such as $WINEPREFIX/dosdevices/d::)

Then you have no clue about object manager. I'd suggest you to read up on that subject.

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