[Wine] problem with console application in 64 bit

Eli Brosh ebrosh1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 10:03:25 CDT 2009

I encountered a problem with Wine running a rather exotic application.
However, I suspect the problem is general.

I am using Wine to run a program named Thermo-calc (
This is a free-download demo version of that program for "Data assessment" .
The application runs in a dos-like console.
After starting the application I try to change the "screen buffer size -
height" from the default 256 to a higher value.
For a value of 1256 everything is fine but for a value higher than 1800 the
program crashes without warning and terminates.

I now run wine on ubuntu 8.10 intrepid 64 bit (the stable version from the
ubuntu repository)
The problem did not occur previously when running ubuntu 7.04 32 bit.

What is the problem ?
How can I test if it occurs in other console-type applications ?
Can this be fixed ?
I do need a large screen buffer size.

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