[Wine] Re: How can we improve WNE?

man_in_shack wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 6 18:19:49 CDT 2009

DaVince wrote:
> It doesn't matter: it would be wasted effort to change winecfg to show the options now if it's all going to be deprecated soon...
> I hope the "WINEDEBUG=-all on non-terminal launch" gets through. I'd really like that. I'd also love for that patch to be expanded so a "this app crashed" window appears if the app that was not run from a terminal crashed.

Apart from changing the .desktop files created by Wine's desktop integration, there is no distinction between running from TTY and not running from TTY. isatty() could be used (a C function in the unistd library), but there are certainly cases where this won't be reliable.

There has been talk on the wine-devel mailing list about this sort of notification, and the chatter has been mostly against it. "Your app crashed" isn't very useful, and providing debugging information isn't useful for the average user. Someone suggested opening a new window with the debugger in it if the app crashes - this would be painfully difficult.

Warren Dumortier wrote:
> Again, the user is warned!!!

The average user ignores warnings. The more invasive the warnings are (e.g. nag boxes), the more likely it is they will just hit "OK, whatever, let me screw my system up". In particular, those users who have switched from Windows to *nix will see a box that says "Be careful or blah blah break things blah blah" and just hit "OK".

Having a non-invasive warning doesn't help either, as half of the average user won't see it, and the other half will misinterpret it. I don't know how many times I've said "fixme is not err". We even get people coming in to the IRC channel saying "HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO I GET THIS FIXME", or "Hey guys, I found a bug. I get this fixme. Where do I report it?"

IMO, making it easy for users to screw with settings they shouldn't screw with is counter-productive. If they *really* need to change these things, they can use regedit. What we could use is better instructions on how to do per-app registry settings via regedit ...

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